2. How do I set my Rhythm clock back one hour, during Daylight Savings Time?
    1. My Rhythm clock chimes incorrectly on the hour. How do I synch up the chimes with the hands?
      There are two ways you can synch the hourly chimes with the hands.

      1. Remove the batteries. Set the hands to 5:40. Replace the batteries. The clock is pre-programmed to begin chiming at 6:00am, when the hands pass the hourly sensor the first time. Move the hands forward, until you reach the correct time (it is not necessary to wait for the chimes to complete, as you pass each hour).
      2. As an alternative, the chimes can be re-synched to the hands, by pushing the gray, "set" button on the back of the clock movement. Each time this button is pushed (it is silent--no audible response from pushing the button), the clock will move the chimes forward one hour. For example, if your clock strikes five times on the hour, but the hands display 3:00, push the "set" button twice (once for 4:00, a second time for 5:00). When the clock passes the 6:00 hour, it will strike six times.

        How do I set my Rhythm clock back one hour, during Daylights Saving Time?

          Always move the hands forwards. The chimes are activated to the next hour, every time the minute hand passes the sensor, at the top of the hour. If the hands move backwards, pass this sensor, the clock will chime forward another hour, causing the hourly strike sequence to be incorrect (which is what, I'm guessing, happened to you, when you turned the hands back an hour for daylights saving time). To set your clock back one hour, it is necessary to turn the hands, forward, 23 hours (to keep the am/pm synched for the night-time shut-off feature, if you use it--otherwise, move forward 11 hours). It is not necessary to wait for the chimes to finish, each hour. Just whip the minute hand around and the chimes will re-start, with each passing hour sweep.