About Us

    Clocks have always been a passion for as long as we can remember. Willy's Grandfather loved clocks. He collected them, tinkered with them, and even built some wonderful clocks himself. As Willy got older, his Grandfather gave him a chiming wooden wall clock he had built and designed the case, from nothing more than a photograph in a magazine!  Willy has cherised this clock since he was a boy.

    Over the years, this clock and others Willy collected needed service and repair. We discovered that finding services that were reputable and well-trained were hard to find. Willy decided that if he was going to continue to collect and take care of the clocks that he cherished, it was time to learn about clocks.

    Over the next few years, Willy read as many books, manuals, and publications as he could get his hands on. He picked as many brains as would let him and sought out professional, individualized training to learn how to disassemble, diagnosis problems, and repair clocks. Willy's clock shop is like a miniature machine shop, complete with all of the tools and machinery necessary to perform top-notch repairs and restoration work.  There are lot of hobbyists out there, who collect and love clocks, but often times, their repair expertise is limited to cleaning, oiling, and basic adjustments.  These skills are great for maintaining a clock collection, but may not be enough to restore a clock into reliable running order over the long term. 

    Here at Willy's Tick-Tock Clock Shop, we not only love clocks, but the idea of restoring these cherished heirloom pieces that mean the world to our customers.