Product Name:  Wooden Weights (Set of 3) for 30-Hour Cuckoo Clocks


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Product ID:  30hr3wood
Manufacturer:  Anton Schneider
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Exchange your standard, steel pinecone weights, on your 30-hour, musical cuckoo clock, with these hand-carved wooden ones. You will love how these weight will dress up your clock, even more!

These weights weigh the same, as your steel pinecone weights, at 320g. (Note: If your 30-hour cuckoo clock has only two weights, and doesn't have a third weight for a music box, your weights probably weigh less, at 275g.) These weights are longer, than a steel pinecone weight, measuring 6.25 inches long by 1 inch in diameter.

This wooden weight set is finished in Anton Schneider's Antique stain. If your Anton Schneider clock's model number ends in a "/9", these weights will be finished with the same stain as your clock. This stain color is the most common used by Anton Schneider, in the finishing of the majority of their cuckoo clocks. It is also a good match for most other cuckoo clocks, by other manufacturers, too.

Larger weights are available for 8-day cuckoo clocks, by clicking here.

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